Valentin Maxie

Hobbyist Illustrator.
Fighting game player.

Hello! Thank you for taking interest on my profile!

Some basics info about me:

  • Pronouns: He/Him + She/Her (no preference)✨

  • Age: 22 🍸

  • Birthday: August 5th 🍰

  • Gender: Genderless/Nonbinary 💛🤍💜🖤

  • Sexuality: Bi (masc-preferred) 💗💜💙

  • Ethnicity: White (French-Romanian) 💅🏻

  • Timezone: CET (Central European Time) 🌍

  • I mainly play grapplers, but I'm open to try any other 💪

  • I'm obsessed with bunnies and any shades of pink 🐰

  • I'm a petite bimbo in training who loves himbos (or at least "macho" men who have some himbo elements) and big strong butch-y ladies 🎀

  • I'm a self-shipper, but I tend to be inconsistent about how talkative I can be about it 💭

  • I love being tagged by people to see stuff I could love 💌

I do my best to be approchable as I can with people, I'm always willing to improve myself and being a better person, if I ever say something off or interact with creeps please let me know, do not hesitate to talk to me. I'm far from being a mastermind.

I don't do follow backs/follow for follow. I'm first a content creator, not your best friend. But I do enjoy interactions from anyone!

Don't take it personally if I don't reply to you I'm either shy, zoning out or I have nothing specific to say but I give it a like to say as: "I've read it", "Yeah you're right" or "Thanks!" depending the context.

I legitimately hyperfixate. I wanna let you know I'm mildly autistic and disabled (invisible handicap so I'm able-bodied). I'm not very fond to talk about these in details but I'm not neurotypical at all + I have been professionally diagnosed.

NSFW accounts are allowed to follow me. Just don't be weird and note my account isn't. I stricly avoid to interact with NSFW content without exceptions so mutuals if you ever draw lewd don't take it personally if I ignore your content.

I'm quite sensitive to any hate regarding what brings me comfort so you better not interact directly with me if it's for being shamelessly and obsessively hateful about what makes me happy, or I'll block you.

Oh also don't stick around if you have a problem with LGBT+ headcanons, I have a bunch myself, they're not supposed to "ruin" your favorite character and if you think it's the case then you clearly don't know what "headcanon" means lol.

I can't believe I have to add this (due of past experiences) but please don't even try to flirt with me (unless it looks like it's done in a joke manner), you can compliment all you want about my appearance but I'm currently taken + unavailable so please don't be weird.


(check my mains for more)
Final Fight
Streets of Rage
PSX video games
Yume Nikki + its fangames (#1 fave fangame: Yume Nisshi)
RPG Maker + Indie games in general
Mii games (yes)
Wizard101 (yes, it's been over 10 years I play this game lol)
Any shades of pink, purple, red and blue
Alternative clothing/fashion
Pixel art
Lovecore, candycore, dollcore, ethereal, weirdcore
50s~Y2K aesthetic

My mains:

(not a definitive list, there's some of them I'm still figuring out that is not 100% clear yet, and more games may be added)

SFIII Alex, Hugo
SFV Alex, Mika
SFA/02 Sakura
SFA/03 Mika, Honda
SFII Honda
VSAV Lilith, BB Hood, Felicia
TvC Alex, Doronjo
KOF K' Team, CYS
FF Billy Kane
Garou: MOTW Rock, Freeman
GG Potemkin, Axl
UNIB Enkidu
DBFZ DBS Broly, Android 16, Goku Black
T7 Steve, King, Lee
DvsD Usotsuki, Sabitsuki
Bloody Roar Alice
Battle Arena Toshinden Ellis
Smash Ike

My other twitter accounts:

If you don't wanna miss all of my scribbles: @valmaxie_art
My spicier/R-17 side account: @pinksanguine*
Whenever my main is getting in trouble: @AlexFromStreets
My gimmick account: @DailyYNFGMusic

*You must be 18+ and be already following my main account. If I ever find out you were lying about your age I'll block you anywhere.

I've been having fun to consider myself in relationship with Alex. He's incredibly important to me and I'm always taking occassions to express my love for him. I also headcanon him to be autistic and not cisgender like me!

You can see in my pinned tweet that I own lots of items related of Alex! I, really, love him yeah hehe.💗💗💗

Artwork by the marvelous Nonji!

Other F/Os that I really love:
Hugo Andore (Street Fighter/Final Fight)
Potemkin (Guilty Gear)

I'm 100% ok with sharing/doubles, I'm just doing this for fun!

I only accept commissions for personal/non-commercial use, via paypal and in euros (use a converter if you usually go by a different currency).

Commissions are 40% OFF if you request a character who appear to be one of my mains ;)

I may also reduce the price if you commission a more simplier design (like the Neco Drop Alex+Val or Potemkin plush that you may find below)

I can make emotes if you're looking for it, 15€ per one! 25% OFF if you request one of my mains.

Bust: 25€
Half-body: 30€
Full-body: 40€
+20€ per extra character

Check this for more infos and how to contact me if you're interested

Art exemples!:

Simple designs (10~20€):

Bust (25€):

Half body (30€):

Full body (40€):


(this section is in WIP)